(An Open Letter To Those Who Want To Retake Their Freedom)

By Using The Power Of Messenger And Contests...

You Will Instantly Collect New $5-$20 Front End Buyers Who Then Upgrade Into $1,500 Big Ticket Partners In The Next 10-14 Days

"Instead of going straight for the high ticket sale, I focused on how I could bring more customers into my world at the lowest barrier to entry."

- Jason "The $100 Million Dollar Man" Fladlien


Name: Tim Berger
Email: cashdelivery@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 3307877285

(The person listed above is your new best friend!)

Dear Future F/T $7,000 to $15,000 Month Earner,

Here's the honest truth...

It's Game Over For Many Folks Who Still Insist
On Using Scams And Cons To Make Money

To illustrate, check out the 2 direct mail letters below

(Click images to enlarge)

Above are 2 direct mail letters that are sent out with the sole intention of bringing in as much cash as humanly possible, from unsuspecting 'salt of the earth' types like yourself.

Little do these folks know, that they're wasting their valuable time, and hard earned money.

How do I know this?

I sent in my own money for each of these programs, so I'd know first hand.

The letter on the left is / was nothing more than an old school gifting program.

The letter on the right never got me anywhere, except to filled voicemail boxes.

Which leads me to (WHY) I'm writing this letter to you right now.

There's a lot of Bull-Shit out there, when it comes to making money.

Everyone and their dog seems to have the answser to the age old question..


The answer, my friend, is on this page.

Welcome To Digital Freedom Fighter

Pay attention, as the next 11 words are GOLD...

Digital Freedom Fighter is a information product packaged as a system

What does that even mean, you ask?

Well, allow me to briefly explain.

Digital Freedom Fighter is broken into 2 primary parts:

Now, the trouble with most information products is that they're just that, information.

Don't get me wrong, information is good. It's how we learn, grow and ultimately expand our awareness to what's possible.

But information by itself is useless, without application, i.e., a SYSTEM to apply it too!

Which is where DFF comes into play.

More on that in just a minute.

But first...


Here's A Quick Story

Back in December of 1998, I got introduced to my first online 'sales funnel'.

It was a $20 program called The Cookie Cutter.

Here's one of the old sales pages for it

It wasn't much, but it sure took off.

Because it was the Internets 1st, 100% commission system that paid member to member.

What that meant was when I made a sale, I got the $20, paid directly to me.

Now we didn't have Stripe and Paypal like we do today, so back then, we got paid via checks.

Yes, real paper checks in the mail.

I was collecting $20 checks (minus a $1.50 processing fee) in the mail.

It was the coolest thing ever.

I'd open my mailbox and there'd be checks inside, with my name on 'em.

Some days, it'd be as much $400.

I can still visualize the flood of $20 payments coming into my mailbox.

That feeling the first time was Aaaamaaaazing.

Unbelievable, in fact.

All I did was follow a simple marketing formula.

And it worked like gangbusters.

It opened my eyes to a whole new world of making money that I never knew existed.

A new way to make money that leveraged a 3 part system:

Now, get this.

This is so important, it's gonna blow your mind, so pay attention.

One of the reasons (WHY) The Cookier Cutter exploded, was contributed to the fact that:

The product (WAS) the system and the system (WAS) the product

In other words, it was a self-sustaining, perpetual cashflow machine.

Here's The Secret Recipe No One Ever Told You

When you (STOP) forcing a $10,000 biz opp down peoples throats and instead (START) using a SYSTEM with a built-in $10-$20 front end offer, then you'll realize how the real fortunes have been made, all along.

All of the greats have done it this way, from promoting mail order bars of soaps, to cds and dvds, to flash drives and mobile apps, it's the (NEW) way to make money, with an (OLD) school twist, that turns average folks into Digital Freedom Fighters!


It's Literally The 1 Piece You've Been Missing

All you've ever needed from Day 1 is a system.

A system that gives you the roadmap on how to go from $0 to $500, then $500 to $5,000 then $5,000 to $50,000.

Up until right now, you've been stuck at the base of the income ladder.

With Digital Freedom Fighter, you can climb the income ladder, faster, quicker and easier.


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The Framework To Your Next $100K

Here's How This Can Play Out In Your Favor

Kinda looks like one of those old Amway drawings, right?

But it's actually a lot easier, simpler and faster.

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Listen, if all you got out of Digital Freedom Fighter was a framework to 1, 2 and 3 above, it'd be as if you won the lottery.

But lets up the ante a little and really, really deliver a truly irresistible offer, one that you can't possibly say no too!

Show Me The Bonuses!

AMAZING BONUS #1: How A $10/mo 'Zoom Room' Can Bring You $10,000 + A Month On The Side <= This here, is a GAME CHANGER!

AMAZING BONUS #2: How To Own A Slice Of The Most Valuable Real Estate, Ever.

AMAZING BONUS #3: The Start-From-Scratch 'Master-Plan' To Get You From $0 To $100K Fast

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You Should Pay Upwards Of $1,000 For This

With the Digital Freedom Fighter Cashflow System, we could easily charge $1,000.

Probably even $2,000, or more, but not today as...

All You Pay Is Whatever You Want To Pay!

Minimum $10 Purchase Required

For all of this

  • 3 Day Cashflow Bootcamp - How To Use Messenger And Contests To Start Collecting $10-$20 Commissions That Bring You $1,500 Big Ticket Partners In The Next 10-14 Days (Value: $1,000+)
  • Custom Branded License To Digital Freedom Fighters "Name Your Price" Funnel. Get This Funnel Custom Branded With Your Name + Phone + Payment Link (Value: $999)

    +AMAZING BONUS #1: How A $10/mo 'Zoom Room' Can Bring You $10,000 + A Month On The Side! (Value: $95)

    +AMAZING BONUS #2: How To Own A Slice Of The Most Valuable Real Estate, Ever. (Value: $95)

    +AMAZING BONUS #3: The Start-From-Scratch 'Master-Plan' To Get You From $0 To $100K Fast (Value: $95)

Total Value: $2,284
Suggested Price: $49
Your Price: $?

The moment your payment is successfully processed, you'll have instant access to the Digital Freedom Fighter dashboard. Inside, you'll find a COMPLETE-EASY-TO-FOLLOW guide to setting up your own custom branded funnel in just minutes. Absolutely nothing is left to chance or doubt. Plus, you'll have access to the Cashflow Bootcamp AND eligible bonuses.

The only catch to this crazy deal is that we'll adding the content next week, starting on July 6th! So if you can accept that, then there's nothing preventing you from clicking the Create My Account button.

After that - you'll never be able to take advantage of the "Name Your Own Price" option.


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Still Undecided?

Still over-thinking it, are ya?

Well, I can't make you want to join us inside of Digital Freedom Fighter.

The only thing I can do is share my own experience with you.

I was living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Columbus Ohio, back in 1998.

I was making about $8/hr at Red Lobster, barely keeping my head above the financial waters.

So when the opportunity to learn how to pocket $20 commissions came along, I snagged it.

I immediately thought, this is something I can do.

And guess what?

I did it.

I learned, studied, did what the instructions told me to do and viola, cash showed up in my mailbox.

Granted, its not 1998 anymore.

There's a lot more competition out there now, than there was back then.

But it doesn't matter.

When you have the skills to leverage tools + automation + systems, you can literally write your own checks.

No more having to settle, to 'rob peter to pay paul'.

When you have the skills you need to be able to make the money you want, everything starts to change for you.

And that's my sincere hope for you.

That you take advantage of this opportunity that's literally knocking on your door and you run with it, like I did with the Cookie Cutter some 20 + years ago.

In the end, it's your call what you do.

It's your life, your bills, your worries, your frustations.

I'm not saying I can erase all of that.

But what I am saying is that I can HELP you erase all of that.

If you'll give me the chance too.


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Tim Berger

* Digital Freedom Fighter
* Roller Coaster Enthusiast
* Mike-n-Ikes Are My Favorite Candy
(Send Me Some!)

PS: You might still have some unanswered questions, so I had the team compile a short list for your review.



Question: Why Digital Freedom Fighter?

Well, for starters, times are changing. Check this out

One day you feel 'safe and secure', the next, you're being Xed out. Then what?

The only way you can really begin to feel 'safe and secure' is by having the (SKILLS) to being able to make money on demand.

When you have the (SKILLS) to be able to make money online / on demand, you can live, work and play on your terms, not someone elses.

Question: There are a 1,000 other info products, courses and systems about how to make money. Why choose DFF?

You're right. There are 1,000s, if not 10,000s of thousands courses, books and membership sites about how to make money.

A lot of which I've bought myself over the years. And the ones that got me the most excited were the ones that A: made it simple, B: made me believe I could do it and C: most importantly, gave me the insights on how to make it happen. In other words, they allowed me to see what I couldn't see prior. Therefore, once I saw what I had been missing out on (ie., had awareness about it), the flood gates opened up.

That is (WHY) Digital Freedom Fighter is so valuable, to your future. Because it gives you all 3 and more.

Question: Why give this info away for less than the cost of a large pizza?

To be able to get this information into the hands of the masses who need it most. The rich already have access to this information. The bricklayers, bank tellers, garbage collectors, grocery clerks, even attorneys and accountants who do work for the rich, don't have a clue these ideas and systems even exist.

Question: Are there any guarantees?

Sure, there's a guarantee. I guarantee that if you pay attention to what I tell you, you do what I tell you to do and you don't quit after 10 minutes, then you will start to see results. And before long, I can assure you, you won't be the same person you are now.

Question: Who is Digital Freedom Fighter For?

Digital Freedom Fighter is for you if...

  • You want a simple and proven system
  • You want more leads, traffic, and more qualified, buying customers.
  • You want to use email, messenger, text message, as marketing tools but in the same breath, you need a system that's low-tech so you can set it up, keep it up, and do it yourself
  • You have a limited amount of money, time and just need a couple of frameworks, to get you moving out of the gate
  • You've tried other programs, systems and opportunities, and you're still stuck in 1st gear, desperate to get something, anything, moving forward
  • You're beyond frustrated at trying to figure it all out on your own, and you need someone to take you by the hand and show you the way to success. (Hint, this is a BIG ONE, for a lot of folks, just saying!)
  • If you love the idea of having multiple new payment notifications landing in your in-box


Today's your day to join forces with Digital Freedom Fighter.

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